About Ibadan Records

Management by: Jerome Sydenham & Christine Pedersen

"There isn't really an Ibadan sound. Ibadan has a principle to make high quality music which covers all areas of electronic music, acoustic dance music, ultimately jazz funk, jazz and maybe even hip hop and R&B".

Now over a decade doing business, label founder Jerome Sydenham's artistic ambitions for Ibadan Records couldn't be clearer. From the earliest years of acoustic, afro-tinged house to the Pan-African Electro of the 10" series to the more recent explorations into Techno and TechHouse, the sound of Ibadan has always pioneered new directions in dance.

Ibadan Records was founded in 1995 to fulfill of Sydenham's search for an outlet for his own creative and entrepreneurial skills. Passionate discussions about classic records and new jams with, then, Dance Tracks owner Joe Claussell, led to more serious deliberations about the future of his label. Both were particularly unified in their approach to reworking the prestigious Atlantic Records Ten City catalogue which Sydenham acquired from East West upon his resignation. Sydenham brought in Kerri Chandler who shared similar remix aspirations for Ten Citys classics and thus the backbone of the label was formed.

Sydenhams emphasis on outstanding musicianship challenged standard house music production values and the critically acclaimed Joe Claussell compilation "Language" of 1999 which features productions by Claussell, Sydenham, Chandler, Marc Cary and Dele Sosimi is widely considered as a milestone in the deep house genre. 2001 saw the release of his own full-length collaboration with Kerri Chandler, Saturday and bears out Sydenhams talent as a producer.

In 2003 Ibadan launched the 10 Inch Beats (TIB) series which features the more edgy electronic side of the Ibadan sound. With the records "Sandcastles" and "Timbuktu", both co-produced with Dennis Ferrer, Sydenham's Pan_African Electro reached new heights of popularity. In an era of micro-genre madness, these records has appealed to an unprecedented cross-section of the DJ community, A-listed by DJ's as diverse as Jeff Mills, Joe Claussell and Sasha. "Sandcastles" entered the official UK Dance Charts in March 2005 after eighteen months of steady sales and building momentum on Ibadan. "Sandcastles" also received the prestigious title of Track of the Year 2005 by Choice Awards (US).

Among the latest endeavours for Ibadan is the launch of two new label imprints; Apotek Records and Avocado Records. Apotek Records is the love child of the Jerome Sydenham and the label continues from the existing legacy of the classic Ibadan 10 Inch Beats series. Apotek was created to push the boundaries of the Techno genre. The first release from Apotek Records called "Asama" by Nagano Kitchen (Jerome Sydenham and Hideo Kobayashi) shows Sydenham’s consistent commitment to quality material as also evident in the multiple classic releases from Ibadan Records.

Avocado Records was created as a collaboration between Sydenham and Danish DJ/Producer Rune RK. Sydenham and Rune first met about 5 years ago, when Sydenham first played club Rust in Copenhagen. Rune was the club resident, and the two immediately connected over the decks. Even though their styles are very different, there is a mutual respect and understanding for the music. In November 2006 Sydenham and Rune decided to go to the studio and see if these magnetic poles could be joined - and from nowhere magic happened. A new mutant of sounds and arrangements emerged. Not really House, not really Techno, but dirty and soulful at the same time. Energetic, yet calm, these tracks are something new. They don’t sound like Rune RK, and they don't sound like Jerome Sydenham. So what do they sound like? Have a listen. Their first release "Elephant"/ "Can't Stop Not" has received support from DJs such as Marco Carola, Ricardo Villalobos and Luciano You may or may not like them, but one thing is for sure - Everybody loves avocado!


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